Cranial Release Technique (CRT) Cranial Therapy

Cranial Release Technique (CRT) - Cranial Therapy

What is cranial release technique?
Cranial release technique (CRT, also referred to as the release technique) is an application that takes only a few minutes to administer, but has powerful results.

CRT addresses the sympathetic nervous system (the one that dictates our natural fight or flight response). Via a quick, gentle, hands on approach, cranial release technique shifts the brain into a more relaxed state. While relaxed, the brain is capable of assisting the body in maintaining a proper functioning status. Cranial release technique allows the body to experience a deep release of tension, one of several causes of stress, on the nervous system. This tension negatively affects the rest of the body, including all of the muscles and connective tissues.

CRT is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that is appropriate for people of all ages. It is exceptional for infants and the elderly, as well as expecting mothers.

Cranial release technique benefits
Cranial release technique benefits individuals in many ways and on several levels. 

Many issues that CRT can effectively alleviate, include: 
• anxiety 
• autism 
• celebral palsy
• depression 
• diabetes 
• digestive issues 
• fibromyalgia 
• headaches 
• insomnia 
• memory loss 
• migraines 
• pain throughout the body (in particular, any joints and the entire back) 
• Parkinson's Disease 
• sciatica 
• stress 
• temporal mandibular joint syndrome (TMJ) 
• tendonitis 
• whiplash (except for recent head injuries or surgeries) 

 Cranial release technique has also been shown to slow the aging process of the brain and therefore slow the process of related illnesses, such as Alzheimer's Disease. Colicky babies, or those with digestive difficulties, may benefit greatly from this gentle procedure. This safe, gentle treatment provides both relief for the baby as well as the frustrated, sleep deprived parents. 

By assisting the body to maintain a positive state of homeostasis, the immune system is strengthened. With a stronger immune system, illness and disease are more easily thwarted. The release technique is an excellent choice for providing such assistance where greatly needed.   

 What to expect with cranial release technique ?

For your first cranial release therapy appointment, expect the therapist to begin with a brief consultation. Allow about 30 minutes for both the consult as well as the treatment. During the consultation, your therapist may ask you to stand and walk across the room. Stand or walk naturally, as you always do. The therapist will use what they see to help evaluate your posture. In addition, they will pick up on any disturbances that may affect how you hold yourself or carry yourself while walking. Kinesiology may be also be applied to further assess the root of any issue(s). 

 For the cranial release therapy itself, you will not disrobe. You will lie on top of a massage table or similar surface, face up. The therapist will provide a gentle, hands-on evaluation, quietly assessing the body's energy flow, sensing areas of blockage within the system. They will then gently move your head and neck. First to the left or right and then to the other side. The manipulation is not forced, nor is it really noticeable to the recipient, but is very relaxing. Once the session is complete, your therapist will reassess your posture. They will ask you to stand and possibly walk across the room again. As you do, make sure you remain natural, without trying to force perfection. When you walk, the therapist will study your posture and gait, looking for improvements achieved from the treatment. 

After a cranial release technique session and how often to have one 

After your CRT treatment, you may be asked to return for several, frequent visits. This may be necessary in order to fully address any issues that are causing pain or concern. Once you have reached a satisfactory plateau where your nervous system is functioning consistently and your symptoms have subsided, your sessions will become less frequent. When your system is more relaxed, you will be advised to maintain your new found state of emotional, physical and mental balance with monthly appointments. In addition, try to reduce unnecessary stress in your life. Implement a proper diet and practice meditation to ensure a calmer, more relaxed state of mind. Apply an even, logical approach to problem solving that ensures longevity and a healthy outlook. These elements alone can do wonders in assisting the body with the healing process. The healthier you are, the easier it is for your body to maintain its desired state of homeostasis.  

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